Head Lice Combs

This is a list of lice combs on the market. Products we have used and recommend are highlighted. [Important: Read the lice treatment warnings page and consult your doctor before beginning any treatment.]

Lice Combs/Nit Combs

Terminator Nit Comb steel comb with grooved, edged teeth to drag out nits - TOP RECOMMENDATION
Licemeister close metal teeth with rounded ends;
produced by NPA
Quantum Magicomb battery-operated comb with teeth that vibrate;
for wet hair

Lice-Only Combs

Robi Comb electrocutes lice; does not remove nits; dry hair only


Nit Lite magnifying lens and low-energy UV light
make spotting nits easier

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Head lice can be removed safely and successfully. Just stay calm, follow through, make sure all lice and viable nits are gone.