The Electrifying Robi Comb

I had heard great things about the Robi Comb . Parents at a private school in our community that had regular outbreaks of lice were saying how wonderful it was. I remembered those comments, the day we spotted the live lice on the heads of my son and daughter.

I went online and read all the glowing reviews, and my husband went out and bought one that evening.

This comb works by electrocuting head lice. You turn it on, and it gives off a soft humming sound. It has short teeth that you comb through dry hair close to the scalp.

Every time the comb hits a louse, the humming sound stops for a moment while the louse is electrocuted. Then the hum begins again.

The Robi Comb does not remove nor injure nits. The manufacturer recommends using the comb every day for twelve days, to kill baby lice as the nits hatch. After twelve days, all nits should have hatched and you are theoretically free of lice. (They also recommend that you continue to use the comb periodically after that, to prevent re-infestation.)

Everyone said it was so satisfying to hear the pause in the humming sound, and know the bug was dead. It sounded like a great way to get rid of the live lice.

Well, ours broke almost immediately. It just stopped working. Replacing the battery did not help. So I can’t give any good information about this comb. I hope we just happened to get a fluke bad apple Robi. At $25 a pop, we won’t be buying one again.

Liceguard, the company that makes the Robi, has put instructions and a video online showing how to use and care for the comb.

Have you used the Robi Comb? I’d love to know your experience with it. If you have a minute, send me a message letting me know what you think.

Reader Barbara writes:

"I read your review of the Robi Comb and had to tell you -- I LOVE this product. Lice kept going around our neighborhood and I hated putting insecticides on my daughter's head again and again. Then I found the Robi Comb. Loved it so much that I've given them to friends too. It works if you follow the directions. And my kids liked it too; there were no arguments about using it; no tears. You must have just gotten a bad one, because I have bought many, and given them away to people who also loved them."

Okay - anybody else? I think she's convinced me to try it again, next time around. :-)

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Head lice can be removed safely and successfully. Just stay calm, follow through, make sure all lice and viable nits are gone.