Products For Preventing
Head Lice

This is a comprehensive list of products marketed for preventing head lice. Important: Read the lice treatment warnings page and consult your doctor before beginning any treatment.]

A good lice comb,
run through wet hair weekly
Comb removes lice and nits
Coconut oil shampoo & conditioner Coconut oil repels lice
Denorex or other coal tar shampoo Coal tar kills and repels head lice
Garlic (not odorless),
1 capsule daily
Garlic repels lice
Green Apple shampoo & conditioner Scent repels lice
Lemon Heads shampoo, conditioner, detangling spray Lemon, lemongrass & lemon eucalyptus repel lice
Lice Defense shampoo, conditioner etc. Tea tree, andiroba and lavender oils repel lice
Lice Guard Repellent Spray No info; e-mailed; no reply
Lice Off Various essential oils repel lice
Rapunzel's Lice Prevention
leave-in conditioner
Citronella oil repels head lice
Rapunzel's Lice Prevention shampoo Peppermint and tea tree oils
repel head lice
Neem shampoo Neem oil repels lice
NitFree mint spray Peppermint oil repels lice; enzymes kill lice & dissolve nit glue
Quit Nits Everyday Preventative Spray Eucalyptus globulus oil repels lice
Rosemary Repel leave-in conditioner, shampoo etc. Various essential oils repel lice
Tea tree oil shampoo & conditioner Tea tree oil repels lice
Vinegar rinse daily
(1:6 vinegar to water)
Vinegar loosens nit glue
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Head lice can be removed safely and successfully. Just stay calm, follow through, make sure all lice and viable nits are gone.