Will they just die off?

by Sarah
(Santa Rosa, CA)


If no one goes into my daughters bedroom for a certain amount of time..... will the lice eventually just die off in there, or will they just become a bigger infestation? Also.. do you know how effective the robicomb is in killing the bugs and nits?


Hi, Sarah!

Lice cannot live off a human head for more than a couple of days. So, definitely no more lice would be breeding in a closed-off room. Any stray bugs would die hungry. :-)

The Robi Comb does NOT kill nits. It electrocutes live lice. To eliminate the infestation using only a Robi Comb, you would need to electrocute all the lice after they hatched out of the nits, but before they matured enough to breed.

The manufacturer recommends using the Robi-Comb for ten days straight, in order to kill first the mature lice, and then lice in the nymph stage as they hatch from the existing eggs.

Don't forget to keep checking heads weekly, after you do get rid of the head lice. Then you can catch any re-infestation early on. If you have a working Robi-Comb, you can use it for weekly screenings.

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Head lice can be removed safely and successfully. Just stay calm, follow through, make sure all lice and viable nits are gone.

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