When can we be sure they have gone?

by Shirley Holmes


If we have not seen anything for a week or two, or longer, could there still be something lurking on a scarf or jacket or somewhere else, just waiting for that garment to be worn again?


Hi, Shirley!

No. You don't need to worry about getting re-infested with head lice from clothing or anything in your house.

The lice can't live without feeding for long. So any that were stranded on clothing or furniture a week or two ago are long dead.

Lice will die within a day or two if not on a human host ... that's why, for household items like stuffed animals that can't be washed, setting them aside in a bag for 48 hours after treatment is enough to ensure they're safe to snuggle.

So glad you have been lice free for a couple of weeks! It's a good idea to do a thorough head check once a week from here on out - so if you ever pick up head lice again, you can catch it early.

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Head lice can be removed safely and successfully. Just stay calm, follow through, make sure all lice and viable nits are gone.

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