Picky Nikki gets rid of head lice completely ... guaranteed!

I get it right the first time. I'm really proud that my clients don't come back. They don't have to!

I'm Nikki (also known as Picky Nikki). I'm a mom who's been there with my own kids. I learned through experience exactly how to deal with head lice. Then I started my service to help other moms!

I'm an expert at removing head lice, and I treat each and every client personally. I love my job - I love giving parents peace of mind that their child's head lice is truly gone. To me this is fun work; I really enjoy it.

My mission is to provide truly outstanding service to all of my customers. I offer a full guarantee that each person I treat
will be lice-free once I am finished

Based in Austin, I'll travel to your home, head-check everyone in your household, and rid you of head lice in one visit.

Contact me today - I'm ready to help you.


(512) 922-3325 ... a nit picker


I know how eager you are to get rid of the head lice. We can arrange an appointment very quickly.

I will come to your home and carefully check the head of each person in the household for lice and nits.

The cost for a head check is $25, which will be applied to the cost of treatment if lice and/or nits are found.

I offer a full guarantee that everyone in the household who had lice will be completely lice-free when I'm finished.

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Your child will be smiling again in no time!

"Picky Nikki"
removes lice completely with a full guarantee to back it up.

Contact me
at (512) 922-3325
a nit picker

to get help now
in Austin and
Central Texas!