Lice R Gone

by Jean


Did you recently change your recommendation for Lice R Gone? I thought it was a recommended product, but when I just went back to check your website it no longer was highlighted.

It is what we are currently using & I want to make sure we are not wasting our time with an inferior product.

Thank you for your website!


Hi, Jean!

I absolutely recommend Lice R Gone. We used it in our own family and can testify that it works wonderfully. :-)

Thank you so much for pointing out that the highlighting is gone. I was making some changes on that products page a couple of days ago, and must have accidentally disabled the highlighting on that row.

I'm off to go fix it immediately!

Thanks again for catching that. Hoping your family is lice-free quickly!


Jean, while repairing the highlighting I realized that we didn't have a link there to the list of retail stores carrying Lice R Gone. Now the link is up and should help readers find out where it's available in their local area, a bit more quickly. I really appreciate you checking in on that; you've helped make the site better!

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