Desperate and alone


My daughter brought home lice. I swiftly got them too. It's been weeks and who knows how many different treatments later and I CAN NOT get rid of them. I have sores for combing for hours a day. I think the problem is that j have no one to properly help me pick out the nits in my own hair, and I mean there is no kne anywhere and can't afford pros!! How in the world can I get nits out of my own hair properly and for good?

Seriously seriously desperate!!!!



I have two suggestions. Have you tried sodium chloride spray (Licefreee spray)? It dehydrates the eggs. So even if you don't get all of them out of your hair, they won't hatch. You do two treatments a week apart, just to be sure. LiceFree is available at Walgreens and many drugstores. You need to be sure to completely saturate the scalp and hair, and leave it in overnight.

I haven't used the RobiComb (an electronic comb, used only near the scalp, that electrocutes live lice). It’s a chemical-free option. The manufacturer recommends using it daily for twelve days, and it doesn't kill eggs … the idea is to kill all the lice as they hatch, before they mature enough to lay eggs. Again, you would still have nits in your hair but they would not contain lice eggs.

I'm highlighting these two methods for you to consider because they don't involve using the nit comb to scrape your scalp. (If you've got sores on your scalp, then I'm sure you don't want to open them up with a steel comb!)

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Head lice can be removed safely and successfully. Just stay calm, follow through, make sure all lice and viable nits are gone.

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