Arizona Lice Removal Specialists

This chart contains a comprehensive list of Arizona lice removal professionals.

Some of these businesses actually operate treatment centers, which are sort of like hair salons. Kids can watch movies while the professionals comb lice and nits out of their hair.

Other companies travel directly to your home to treat and remove head lice. Please contact these businesses directly for further information.

The Hair Angels none Phoenix area
LiceDoctors none Metro Phoenix (including Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler & Scottsdale); Metro Tucson
Lice Knowing You! Scottsdale Scottsdale area
Lice 'N Easy none Phoenix area
Nit Picky none Phoenix & surrounding areas
No Nit Noggins Scottsdale Scottsdale, Phoenix &
Paradise Valley areas
Professional Lice Mom none Phoenix & surrounding areas
Total Lice Control none Phoenix area

Read the page on this site regarding how to choose among lice removal services.

Do you know about another business in Arizona that should be included on this list? Please let us know about it using the form below. We'll update the listings right away. Thanks for helping us get the word out!

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